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What should I expect in my first session(s)?

One of the most important steps in your counseling journey is to find a therapist that jives well with your needs and personality. There is no shame in needing to "shop" for the right counselor for you, as ultimately, that is where the work begins! I do not anticipate being the perfect fit for every person but have plenty of colleagues to refer to if needed. Use your first couple sessions to ask questions, express what you want from therapy, and check in with yourself if it is a good fit.

In our time we will explore your background, gain insight into the stories you tell yourself, and create a path forward towards healing and change. 

How long is a session?

A standard therapeutic hour is 50-55 minutes, meaning you can expect your session to begin or end a couple minutes off the hour.
For EMDR, couples, and family sessions, 90-minute to 2-hour sessions are often recommended. The best approach to ensure the efficacy of your treatment is something determined between you and your therapist.

Do you take insurance? Do you offer sliding scale rates?

At New Springs, insurances are not accepted although we do take HSA/FSA for payment. If you would like to utilize your insurance regular Superbills can be provided to submit for out-of-network reimbursements. There is no guarantee your insurance will reimburse so it is always best to reach out to them directly to better understand your description of benefits.

We desire therapy to be accessible to everyone. A limited number of sessions at a sliding scale rate are offered. Please inquire for details.

Standard pricing for sessions of licensed clinicians: $165-200/hour.

Standard pricing for clinical interns: $80-125hr

***Cancellation policy requires 24 hours notification prior to appointment or full charge will be applied to payment method on file. For payment we accept Cash, Check, HSA/FSA, Zelle and Credit/Debit Card (+ CC processing fee for cards).

What do the letters behind your names mean?

MSFT stands for: The Master of Science in Family Therapy. This graduate degree views every client (individuals, couples, or families) through the lens of the system they grew up in and are currently operating. From a biopsychosocial model we recognize that we do not operate in a vacuum; rather medical, social, psychological, and behavioral aspects play into who you are today. 

LMFT stands for: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  A clinician with these letters has completed all the necessary hours, continuing education, supervision, and testing deemed necessary by the state to hold an independent license to practice therapy.

Intern, LAC, or LAMFT: As an intern or as an associate therapist, clinicians continue to receive regular clinical supervision. A supervisor is available to these clinicians to consult with on cases, review the ethics of their practice, and act as an additional resource should clients have questions or concerns.

Istvan's supervisor is:

Lindsay Stewart, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC-22234)


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